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Ceramic Workshop in Gajaarte

We are doing everything to don't be limited by our imagination

Laboratory of clay and straw

Many ofthe processesI am notable tostop it,but maybeI canbalance them.

3. Trade Touristic "At the crossroads of cultures"

Touristic, travelers and ceramic Gajaarte.

1. St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk

The most famous, the largest and one of the largestin Europe!

Tastes of Lodz

Tastycompetitions,feasts, music. Interesting informationinthe region.

5. Cultural Exchange with Poronin

As itwasbeen.. orHighlandertemperamentand ourregional traditions.

2. International Fair of Rural and Agricultural Tourism AGROTRAVEL

Gajaartepotteryworkshopand the AssociationLAGWieluńskaEarth.
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